Turkey is well-known destination for medical tourism all around the world. Plenty of international medical tourists are coming to Turkey due high quality standards in healthcare, modern equipment, experienced doctors and affordable prices.

Geographicallocation of Turkey, which is in between Europe andAsia, allowsmedicaltouristsreachtheirdestinationwithin a short time flight. This is one of thereasonswhymedicaltravel service is so popular in Turkeyamongforeigntravellers. The main reasontochoosemedicalservices in Turkeyitsaffordablepriceandhighquality service.

Every year thousands of health tourist are coming to Turkey in order to receive medical treatments. The most popular cities of Turkey for medical tourism are Istanbul and Antalya, as in these cities travelers can fix their health issues and have a 5 star holiday in a hotel and visit popular places of interest. Turkish people are well-known for their hospitality, so you will never feel as a foreigner here. 

Turkish hospitals have reached international standards and are at the same level with European countries standards, but the prices still are significantly cheaper. Modern equipment, experienced surgeons, affordable prices, friendly and helpful medical staff, sun and sea, rich history of Turkey- all what medical tourists are looking for is concentrated in Turkey. 

Turkey provides the best medical travel service for foreign patients:

• Ranking 2nd place with 43 hospitals accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International, 389 hospitals worldwide) which they are all in international standards.

– Istanbul 22

– Antalya 2

– Ankara 7 

– İzmir, Adana, Bursa and Kocaeli 3 each

• High healthcare standards and short flying times are fascinatingpatients fromAmerica , Europe and Middle Eastern countries

• Modern and high quality equipment in the hospitals

• Thermal spots all around Turkey for better healing

• Affordable prices. In comparison to European countries you can save up to 50%

• Turkey is a leader of the region in healthcare section

• Approximately 200.000 health tourists each year from 105 different choose to have their treatments in Turkey

• The geographical location, Turkey’s nature, history, places of interest, cuisine and climate are attracting patients from all over the world

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